Help others and do a good deed

Our understanding of modern entrepreneurship includes, alongside continuous innovation, profit orientation and motivational employee management, assuming corporate responsibility.

We have chosen to support the association “Planet Action”. The mission of this charity has been to provide emergency dental care in developing countries since 2015.


It is currently focusing on Madagascar – a country which is starkly under-supplied in terms of medical care. The charity provides foreign dentists to work on location as well as financial contributions.

Villages and schools are supplied with toothbrushes and toothpaste, and preventative measures and teeth-cleaning demonstrations are carried out. As part of our commitment, we provide the participants with charging devices and energy storage free of charge.

Furthermore, we support the association #Herzmensch e.V. by sponsoring a bouncy castle.  The association fights for people in the region who have been hit hard by fate through illness or even a reduced lifestyle. The #Herzmensch bouncy castle with transport trailer is to be set up at events and will thus be a great campaign for seriously ill children.

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