Development / construction

Development / construction

Robustness, functionality and design

It depends on the clear view of what lies ahead – from the idea to the prototype to series production. Every step of the project will be reliably coordinated for you until it is successfully completed. Various special departments are involved, with the focal points of “construction”, “project management”, “hardware” and “software”.


Efficient and effective

Design, robustness and functionality combine at the highest possible level – you get an “eternal” product. We involve you intensively in the development phase. “Which cell technology do I need?” or “How is battery architecture designed?” are questions which we will discuss together with you.

You will receive an intensive but vivid insight into the subtleties of industrial design – an exciting phase which determines the design of the battery, considering, for instance, costs, efficiency, compactness and application quality.


If we cannot use any components from our modular construction kit for you, we will create sub-components or your entire system for you.

Then you will test the first functional model in the rapid prototyping process. In the next step, we will create your product on the basis of the self-designed production drawings – our clever minds create state-of-the-art systems, taking current standards into account as they do so. We also ensure there is a clear vision of the implementation. In summary: rigorous, cost-optimised project management with direct contact partners and constant progress updates.

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