UniPower L


Flexible power and control

We love to develop. The UniPower battery system is at the heart of our range. The central advantage: The models can be easily and universally configured: both technically and optically.

Areas of use of UniPower batteries include, for example, e-scooters, LEV, storage applications and industrial applications. Choose a quick, flexible and affordable solution.

Download UniPower L Flyer

Download UniPower L Datasheet

Basic information

  • nominal voltages: 24 V, 36 V & 48 V (<60 V)
  • energy: up to 2 kWh
  • continuous power output: up to 5 kW
  • dimensions (volumes):
    380 mm x 75 mm x 380 mm (ca. 8 L)
  • different connectors
  • integrated BMS
  • SOC display
  • CAN-Bus

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