Smart Battery Solutions is one of the Growth Champions 2020

For the fifth year in a row, FOCUS-BUSINESS presents, in cooperation with the market research institute Statista GmbH, the fastest-growing companies in Germany. Smart Battery Solutions is named as one of the Growth Champions for the year 2020.

Timo Hasenöhrl, production manager and managing director at Smart Battery Solutions, had the following to say about this impressive performance: “We are extremely proud to have been named as a Growth Champion by Focus for the fifth year in a row. Thanks to our well-established team, we are in a position to grow quicker than our market. We look forward to the challenges ahead!”

In April, FOCUS and Statista sent an invitation to around 12,000 companies, which showed particularly high turnover or employee growth in recent years, to actively participate in the Growth Champion competition. Decisive criteria for inclusion on the list of Growth Champions were a turnover of at least 100,000 euro in 2015, and a turnover of at least 1.8 million euro in 2018. In addition, the companies must be independent and have their registered office in Germany.

The 500 companies with the highest growth in turnover receive the title “Growth Champions 2020”. Focus-Business “Growth Champions 2020” presents the top list of growth champions and discusses how the listed firms were able to grow so successfully. Furthermore, the magazine contains relevant tips and words of wisdom from the company founders, in relation to how to succeed with Bitcoins, and how young inventors are taking a new approach to chicken farming with transportable and environmentally friendly coops. Focus-Business “Growth Champions 2020” comes out on 15 October 2019.

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