– that is not only a slogan of Smart Battery Solutions GmbH from Kleinostheim. It is the credo of the 4 managing directors and the entire staff. All thinking and acting revolves around the development and production of individual and high-quality battery solutions. In 2010 the company was founded by experienced battery experts and developed with interesting industries to currently more than 100 employees. From the beginning Smart Battery Solutions showed a positive result and doubled the growth rate on average every 2 years.

A major reason for this are the ever increasing trends towards electric drives outside the automotive sector. They are increasingly found in areas such as last mile mobility (e-bikes or e-cargobikes) or even water sports applications, mobile robotics and other interesting high-end industries. Especially in such segments, it is essential to develop special, high-quality and individual battery solutions that can assure aspects such as weight, capacity, waterproofness and easy handling.

With growing standardization, the in-house development “UniPower” is also used, a configurable battery family with high capacity in 4 sizes. Especially the configurability underlines the innovative and efficient character of the in-house development department. In addition to battery developments, Smart Battery Solutions also offers advanced components such as a cluster system for interconnecting multiple battery systems or service software to support customers throughout the entire product life cycle.

The company is constantly striving to drive new applications for battery power. Preference is given to lithium-ion technology, but other cell technologies are also used, depending on the specification.

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